Can Walmart Egift Cards Be Used In Store?

Ever been in the middle of a Walmart aisle, spotted the perfect item, and wished you could use that eGift card sitting in your inbox?

Good news! Walmart eGift cards aren’t just for online shopping. They’re your digital wallet for in-store purchases, too. Picture this: the convenience of online shopping combined with the immediacy of in-store browsing.

Whether you’re pulling up the barcode on your phone or flashing a printed version, using your eGift card is a breeze. So, the next time you’re debating between the digital and the physical world of shopping, remember, with Walmart’s eGift cards, you can have the best of both worlds.

Let’s dive into how it works!

Can Walmart Egift Card Be Used In Store – Here’s How!

how to use the walmart the egift card in store

Using an eGift card at Walmart stores is a convenient process. Whether you choose to print it out or show it on your mobile device to the cashier, you can easily complete your purchase.

This same convenience extends to shopping at Sam’s Club stores. It’s important to note that non-members may encounter a 10% service fee when using the eGift card in physical stores.

Nevertheless, Walmart egift cards are highly versatile and a popular choice as a gift. Although they may not be received frequently, there are ways to obtain them for free, providing an effortless opportunity to score these valuable cards.

How Can You Use Walmart EGift Cards In-Store At 4 Steps?

When it comes to using an eGift card at Walmart, the process is straightforward, similar to using a physical gift card. To guide you through the steps of using your eGift card at a regular checkout counter.

Let’s break it down into four simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Grab Your EGift Card Bar Code

To begin the process of using your eGift card at Walmart, the first step is to obtain the bar code. This bar code can be conveniently accessed either on your phone screen or by printing it on a slip of paper.

The Walmart website offers the option to generate and print the bar code at home, making it easily accessible when you visit the regular register.

Step 2: Select EGift Card or Walmart Card

In the second step of using your eGift card at Walmart’s self-checkout register, you will encounter the payment prompt. After scanning all your items, you will be presented with various payment methods to choose from. To complete your transaction, select the Gift card option.

Step 3: Scan Bar Code

After selecting the gift card payment option, you will need to scan the bar code of your eGift card. This can be done conveniently using the handheld scanner provided at the self-checkout register.

Once the bar code of your electronic gift card is successfully scanned, the payment process will smoothly proceed.

Using A Walmart EGift Card On An App

To use a Walmart egift card on the Walmart app, you can take advantage of the convenient and contact-free payment process facilitated by the app’s feature, Walmart Pay.

With Walmart Pay, you can access and utilize various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards, all of which are already stored in your Walmart account. This allows you to seamlessly pay for your purchases in Walmart stores, making your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free.

To set up Walmart Pay on the app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Walmart app on your phone or tablet.
  • Select “Services” from the list of features.
  • Click “Get Started” to launch the setup procedure.
  • To sign into your Walmart account, click “Sign In”.
  • Choose “Credit or Debit Card” as the payment option.
  • Use the camera on your device to scan your card information or manually enter it.
  • Enter all the requested information, including your name, address, and security code.
  • Hit “Continue” to proceed.
  • Decide whether you want to use a PIN or fingerprint identification for added security.

If you wish to add more payment options, click on Add Payment Methods and repeat the steps.

During the payment step with Walmart Pay, you will see a list of saved payment options, including gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards. It’s worth noting that the gift card balance will be automatically applied to cover your purchases.

However, if you prefer, you can turn off this option and select an alternative payment method.

How To Activate The Egift Walmart Store:

To activate your Walmart eGift card, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Walmart’s gift card activation page.
  • Enter the gift card number, security code, and expiration date as prompted.
  • If requested, enter the PIN associated with the gift card.

Once you have completed the activation process, your eGift card will be ready to use. You can conveniently shop online or visit Walmart stores to redeem it. Additionally, you have the option to store the funds from your eGift card in your Walmart account.

Can You Get A Physical Gift Card From A Walmart eGift Card?

Yes, it is possible to convert an electronic Walmart eGift card into a physical Walmart gift card. Many individuals opt for this conversion as they find physical gift cards more convenient to use in-store compared to virtual ones.

However, it’s important to note that once you transfer the eGift card to a physical gift card at Walmart. You won’t have virtual access to that card anymore.

The gift card information is permanently transferred to the physical gift card copy, ensuring a seamless.

Can Sam’s Club Members Use Walmart eGift Cards?

Interestingly enough, you can use electronic Walmart eGift cards at Sams Club, both online and at physical store locations. This is possible because Walmart and Sams Club share the same parent company.

When using an electronic Walmart eGift card at Sams Club, simply present the gift card’s bar code for scanning, either by yourself or a cashier. The process of using electronic gift cards in a Sams Club store works just as smoothly as it does at a Walmart store.

Can You Buy Gas With A Walmart EGift Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay for petrol using the bar code on the electronic Walmart eGift card.

The bar code cannot be scanned in this manner. However, there is a workaround. You can transfer the funds from the electronic gift card to a physical gift card at the customer service counter in a Walmart store.

Once you have the physical gift card, you can use it to purchase gas hassle-free. Simply visit the counter before heading to the gas station.

How Do I Pick Up Groceries With A Walmart Gift Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a Walmart gift card for the Grocery Pickup service. While you can use a gift card to purchase groceries at Walmart stores and on their website.

The option is not available for Grocery Pickup. For this service, only credit cards or debit cards are accepted as payment options.

It’s important to note that a gift card does not function as a promo code, so it cannot be used in place of one during checkout.

How To Pay With Walmart Egift card online

Once you have transferred the funds from your electronic Walmart gift card to a physical gift card, you can conveniently use the gift card at the gas pump.

Here are some steps to use a Walmart EGift card at the gas pump.

Step 1: Transfer Your Electronic Gift Card

In Step 1 of transferring your electronic gift card, you will need to convert it into a physical gift card to enable its usage at the gas pump. To accomplish this, simply visit a Walmart store and seek assistance from a helpful customer service employee.

Step 2: Fill up your petrol tank and select a gift card as your payment method.

In Step 2 of the process, after pumping your gas, proceed to the payment screen. At this stage, select the method of payment and specifically choose the gift card option.

Step 3: Swipe The Gift Card

In Step 3 of the process, simply swipe your Walmart gift card at the payment terminal, just as you would with a credit or debit card.


In conclusion, Walmart eGift cards offer a convenient and versatile payment option for various purposes. They can be used for online purchases, in-store shopping, and even at the gas pump with the necessary steps. By following the provided instructions, such as transferring the funds to a physical gift card and selecting the gift card option as the mode of payment, you can seamlessly utilize your eGift card.

Walmart eGift cards provide flexibility and ease, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience. Whether it’s for groceries, gas, or other purchases, Walmart eGift cards can be efficiently utilized to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an eGift card in-store?

Yes, you can use an eGift card in-store. eGift cards are typically redeemable at both physical stores and online platforms.

Where can I use my Walmart e-gift card?

You can use your Walmart e-gift card at,, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. The e-gift card can be redeemed online by entering the gift card number or printed out and used for purchases in-store.

How does an e-gift card from Walmart work?

An e-gift card from Walmart works by allowing you to enter the gift card number and PIN during online checkout, providing a secure method for online shopping. You can save the gift card as a payment option in your account for convenient access during future purchases.

Can you turn a Walmart eGift card into cash?

Yes, you can turn your Walmart eGift card into cash by using platforms like Gameflip. Gameflip provides a safe and simple way to sell your unwanted Walmart eGift cards for cash. Additionally, you can also sell other popular gift cards on Gameflip, such as Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards, if you have any.

Can You Use E-Gift Card In Store Walmart?

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