Can You Return Items To A Different Walmart?

Walmart is one of the biggest retail chains in the U.S., with 4700+ stores sprouted nationwide. With so many stores out there, situations often come up when people want to return items to the Walmart that is nearest to them.

You’ve come to the right site if you’ve ever wondered if you may return items purchased from one Walmart to another one that is situated somewhere else.

The question that arises is: can you return items to a different Walmart? Here is what I’ve found out about this most-asked question!

Can You Return Items To A Different Walmart – Full 2023 Guide

2023 full guide about how to return item to a different walmart store

Yes, Walmart customers can return items to any of Walmart’s 4,700+ locations across the U.S. easily with no questions asked and no strict queries. All you need is the receipt of the item and within 90 days of purchase, you can receive a full refund. Without a receipt, you only receive a store credit.

If you want to know more about the criteria and the terms for returning items to a different Walmart store. Whether you can return without a receipt or not and much more, keep on reading the blog!

3 Ways To Return Items To A Different Walmart

It is not only possible but also easy and convenient to return items to a different Walmart store.

Here’s how you can do it using various methods without facing any kind of trouble:

Using the Walmart App

The return process is way too simpler when you have installed a Walmart app on your device. Just simply log into the app and go to the purchase history. Search out the item you want to return and tap on “Start a Return.” The app will then make a QR code for you to present at a Walmart store.

Locating a Nearby Walmart Store

Finding the nearest Walmart store is also an easy task. You can use the Walmart Store Locator to find out the closest store.

Then all you need is to enter your zip code or city and state to get a list of all nearby stores. You can then choose the most convenient and easy-to-go location to complete your Walmart return.

Every Walmart store has a customer service center you can go to in case of any query or trouble. It is usually located at the front when you first walk into the outlet. Keep the receipt in your hands so they can easily verify purchase dates, amounts, and the store you originally purchased the item from.

In-Store and Curbside Returns

Once you’ve found a nearby Walmart store and have your QR code from the app in your hands. You can head to that store to complete your in-store return of the Walmart item number.

Provide the QR code at the Customer Service desk, where a Walmart associate will help you process the return. You can either choose a refund or a replacement, depending on what you want and the item’s availability.

For curbside returns, several Walmart locations offer convenient drop-off areas outside the building. You’ll still need your QR code generated by the app and the item you’re returning. This process is especially helpful for bigger Walmart items or for those who avoid going inside the store.

Must always check the store’s return policy regarding specific items, as some exclusions may apply, particularly for electronics, furniture, or other marketplace items. If you have any queries or you need a guide, you can contact Walmart Customer Service or call their phone number at 1-800-925-6278.

Return Policy Overview

Make sure you’ve got the item’s original packaging, its UPC number or tag, and all its accessories in case you want to return the item. Then you can go to the customer service desk to start the return process.

Walmart is quite popular for its customer-friendly return policy, which is designed to give you the freedom to return items at any of their 4,700+ stores in the U.S.

Now, let’s say you’ve lost your receipt and you want to return the Walmart item. Don’t sweat it! Most Walmart stores will still accept returns without a receipt, but they give you store credit instead of a refund. One must bring a valid government-issued ID as they might ask for one for verification in such a case.

Adding this to your knowledge, Walmart has a holiday extended return window. If you’ve bought stuff from October 1st, 2022, you can return them by January 31st, 2023, giving you more relaxation and peace of mind during the festive season.

Is It Possible To Return An Item To A Different Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, most stores allow you to return the items not bought from that particular store, even if you don’t have the receipt for that purchase. You need to communicate with the store manager and request them to accept the return.

You will not be getting the refund through the mode of payment you originally used before. Instead, they will give you store credits to buy something else from the same store.

Note that, other Walmart stores don’t return the purchase that must be brought along with a receipt, such as air conditioners and other heavy electronics.

To return an item to a different Walmart store, you have to bring it with all its original packaging materials and other accessories. You should be aware of it that some items are considered non-returnable or non-exchangeable

As you are on your way to return the item, here are the steps you should follow for an easy return:

  • Visit the Customer Service desk of the different or nearby Walmart stores.
  • Present the item you want to return with its original packaging, preferably in good condition, and with no damage done to it.
  • Explain your situation to the staff member attending to you and why you don’t have a receipt for the item.
  • Be prepared for Walmart staff to ask for your valid government-issued identification to verify your identity.
  • Walmart may give a store credit or gift card for eligible returns but will not offer cash refunds for items returned without a receipt.

Here is a short manual to assist you with the return procedure:

StepWithout ReceiptWith Receipt
1Locate the ItemLocate the Item
2Ensure all packaging and accessoriesEnsure all packaging and accessories
3Get a refund or exchangeBring to Customer Service
4Show a valid government-issued IDPresent receipt
6Get store credit or gift cardGet refund or exchange

Keep in mind that your ID is necessary for this transaction. This is mainly to prevent fraudulent activities and to keep the process fair for everyone.

Exceptions To Walmart’s Return Policy

While the standard 90-day return policy applies to most of the items, there are these few exceptions you should know about:

Prepaid wireless phones must be returned within 14 days. The majority of electronic devices, including computers, tablets, laptops, televisions, and cameras, must be returned within 30 days. There is a 60-day return period for hearing aids, contacts, and prescription glasses. Tires that have been mounted or installed in a vehicle are ineligible for returns

Tabled View of Walmart’s Return Window For Popular Items

Here is the table view of Walmart’s return window for popular items for easy understanding

Item CategoryReturn Window
General Merchandise90 days
Electronics30 days
Books90 days
CDs & DVDsUnopened – 90 days; Opened – Defective only
Plants90 days

Conclusion: Can You Return Items To A Different Walmart?

Yes, you can take a product you bought from one Walmart store back to another. However, you must need to have the receipt and the item should be in its original packaging.

If you have lost the receipt, the store may still accept the return but then it will refund you in-store credits only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return an item purchased online at a physical Walmart store?

Yes, you can return an item bought online at any nearby Walmart store. Just bring your item with the original packaging to the Customer Service desk of that nearby store. Remember to view the specific return policies for your item.

What happens if the item I want to return is no longer in Walmart’s inventory?

If the item you’re returning isn’t included in Walmart’s current inventory, it might complicate the return process. You may receive store credit instead of a refund, but it’s best to confirm with Walmart’s customer service.

What is the procedure for returning large or bulky items to a different Walmart store?

For large or bulky items, contact the Walmart where you plan to return the item first to ensure whether they can accommodate it or not. Bring the item, receipt, and all original packaging to the customer service desk to process the return.

Can I return a product to a different Walmart if I lost the UPC number or tag?

No, you can’t return the product to any other Walmart store if you’ve lost the UPC number or tag. These are a must for the return, as they help Walmart verify that the product is from their inventory.

How does Walmart verify the authenticity of a product during a return without a receipt?

Walmart verifies product authenticity during a return without a receipt by verifying the item’s UPC number in its database. They may also require a valid government-issued ID to process your return without a receipt.

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