How Long Is Walmart Lunch Break – Policy & Time Limits

Lunch breaks at Walmart provide a much-needed reprieve during a long workday. As per Walmart’s break policy, mandatory lunch breaks are enforced in compliance with labor laws and regulations. Employees often wonder about how long is Walmart lunch break.

According to the policy, during shifts lasting 6-8 hours, there is a mandatory 30-minute unpaid meal break. For shifts longer than 10 hours, an additional 30-minute unpaid break is granted. Walmart’s commitment to following labor laws ensures the well-being of its employees through these provisions.

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How Long Is Walmart Lunch Break?

walmart lunch break policies

Walmart values its employees’ well-being by requiring unpaid lunch breaks for shifts lasting six hours or longer.

These lunch breaks span at least 30 minutes, providing a necessary pause during the workday. For employees aged 18 years or younger, a 30-minute lunch break is mandatory after working for five hours.

Although the breaks are non-compensable and not paid, there is a silver lining. During this time, employees are not required to be clocked in, allowing them the freedom to utilize the break as they wish, whether it’s running errands or going off Walmart’s grounds.

Can You Skip Your Lunch Break At Walmart?

At Walmart, skipping lunch breaks and mandatory 15-minute breaks are strictly prohibited.

This policy is in place to ensure compliance with labor laws and prevent the company from facing hefty fines. Management takes these breaks seriously and enforces them to maintain a healthy work environment.

Employees who fail to take their breaks within the appropriate time interval may face consequences, including disciplinary action and, in severe cases, termination. Moreover, those who consistently neglect their lunch breaks may be barred from using cash registers.

The cons of skipping breaks outweigh any perceived pros, as it is considered a punishable offense. Walmart’s commitment to employee well-being and adherence to labor laws is evident in its strict enforcement of break policies.

Breaks Policy For Employees That Are Under 18

For employees under the age of 18, the break policy at Walmart differs from that of adult employees.

Minors are required to take a lunch break after working for just five hours, whereas adult employees are only obligated to take an unpaid lunch break if their shift lasts for six hours or longer.

As long as the lunch break for minors is a minimum of thirty minutes, they are considered to be in compliance with the policy.

Certain states, such as

  • Alaska
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

Have laws mandating mandatory 30-minute lunch breaks for employees under 18.

Other states, like California and Florida, may have similar laws requiring breaks to be given every four hours instead of five. These laws aim to ensure that minors are not working consecutive hours without breaks.

It’s important to note that once an employee turns 18, regardless of their school enrollment status, they are no longer protected by Child Labor Laws and can be scheduled and treated as an adult. Also, You have to read about why does walmart keep canceling my orderwhat si

What Is Walmart’s Break Policy For a 5-Hour Shift?

In a 5-hour shift at Walmart, the standard 30-minute lunch break does not apply since it is shorter than 8 hours.

Instead, employees are entitled to two 15-minute breaks that are considered a legally required rest period. These breaks are taken on the clock and count as a paid 30-minute break.

While the 15-minute time frame may be somewhat restrictive for leaving the property to grab a meal, it provides enough time for employees to rest and relax without the worry of being accused of “slacking.”

These paid 15-minute rest breaks are mandatory, similar to meal breaks, and offer employees the freedom to shop in the store for meals, listen to music, and use their phones within reason.

How Many Lunch Breaks Does Walmart Give You During an 8-Hour Shift?

During an eight-hour shift at Walmart, employees are provided a 30-minute unpaid break.

To ensure adequate rest and mealtime, employees are required to take a break either before their fifth and eighth hours on the job or after their third and seventh hours.

In the event that an employee cannot have their lunch until the fourth hour, they will receive a meal break at their sixth hour.

Does Walmart Give Me a 6-Hour Lunch Break? 

If you work for six hours at Walmart, you are not entitled to a dedicated lunch break.

However, Walmart offers employees a 30-minute unpaid break during an eight-hour shift. This break provides an opportunity for employees to rest and recharge.

In the scenario where you cannot have your lunch until the fourth hour, you will receive a meal break at the sixth hour.

Does Walmart Pay Employees During Lunch Breaks?

The policy regarding payment for lunch breaks at Walmart can sometimes be confusing for employees.

The compensation depends on the length of the break. Any break that extends beyond 15 minutes is considered “off the clock,” requiring employees to clock out during their lunch breaks, whether they last for 30 minutes or a full hour.

However, breaks that are 15 minutes or less can be taken “on the clock” and are considered compensable.

Is The Walmart Break Policy Strict?

Walmart, being a large corporation, is bound by state labor regulations and has little choice but to enforce a strict break policy.

These regulations mandate that workers receive breaks at specific intervals to avoid labor law violations and the accompanying consequences. Even if an employee wishes to volunteer to skip their breaks, Walmart cannot allow loose enforcement of the break policy due to potential repercussions.

Interestingly, federal labor laws in the US do not require any form of break for meals or other purposes. However, Walmart’s strict break policy serves an additional purpose of preventing unnecessary overtime.

By requiring employees to clock out for one hour during each 8-hour shift, the company effectively monitors labor hours and ensures workers do not exceed the threshold for overtime pay. This approach benefits both Walmart and its employees by maintaining compliance with labor laws and managing work hours efficiently.

Walmart’s Lunch Policy for Overnight Workers?

Walmart’s lunch policy for overnight workers is designed to provide adequate rest and support their well-being.

Overnight workers are granted three consecutive hours of unpaid work time specifically dedicated to sleep. For instance, if an overnight worker’s shift spans from 11:00 PM to 7:45 AM, she has the opportunity to rest and take three consecutive hours off without compensation.

This policy recognizes the unique nature of overnight shifts and prioritizes the need for sufficient rest periods. The rest periods do not have to be provided in the middle of a shift, allowing flexibility in scheduling and ensuring overnight workers have the opportunity to recharge before their next shift.


The Lunch Policy at Walmart prioritizes the well-being of its employees, ensuring they have designated rest and meal breaks.

Employees above the age of 18 are entitled to 15-minute paid rest breaks, which are scheduled every 2-4 hours during their shifts. Additionally, meal breaks are provided for shifts lasting between 6-10 hours.

On the other hand, employees under the age of 18 enjoy even more substantial meal breaks, with an entitlement of 30 breaks in states where they work five consecutive hours.

When considering the question of “how long is Walmart lunch break,” the specific duration would depend on the employee’s age and the length of their shift, ensuring compliance with labor laws and fostering employee well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you skip lunch breaks at Walmart?

Walmart has a mandatory break policy that includes paid 15-minute breaks. To comply with state labor laws and minimize unnecessary overtime for individual employees, Walmart strictly enforces this policy. Based on this, it can be inferred that you cannot skip lunch breaks at Walmart as they are part of their break policy.

2. Are rest breaks compensated at Walmart?

Walmart compensates its employees for the 15-minute breaks they take. However, it is important to note that breaks that last 30 minutes long or longer are not compensated. This implies that rest breaks of shorter duration, such as the 15-minute breaks, are compensated at Walmart. However, for breaks that exceed 30 minutes, compensation may not be provided.

3. What is the number of breaks you receive in a 5-hour shift?

According to the provided information, in a 5-hour shift at Walmart, employees are entitled to one paid 15-minute break. This means that during a shift that lasts for five hours or shorter, employees are given one break that is compensated.

4. Does the lunch break policy apply the same to overnight workers?

No, the lunch break policy is not the same for overnight workers. Regardless of the time of day, the policy states that anyone working a shift longer than 6 hours receives an unpaid “lunch” break for one hour. Since overnight workers have different working hours, the lunch break policy would likely be adjusted to accommodate their specific schedules.

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