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In today’s fast-paced world, you might be wondering if Walmart offers tap-to-pay options for a quicker checkout experience.

With Walmart Tap to Pay, customers can pay for goods at any NFC-enabled terminal by just tapping their smartphone at the terminal. With Walmart Tap to Pay, you can use your phone to tap your way into paying for your items.

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Does Walmart Have Tap To Pay – 2023 Full Guide?

understand the walmart tap to pay option in 2023

Walmart now allows tap-to-pay, which will make your shopping visits more enjoyable and convenient.

To support tap-to-pay transactions, Walmart installed contactless payment terminals in its retail locations. These terminals are compatible with contactless-enabled credit, debit cards, mobile phones, and smartwatches.

While tap-to-pay is one of my favorite contactless ways to pay, there are other options that the company pushes a bit more for easy shopping. This includes Walmart Pay which is quite convenient and QR code payments. Read on as we dive deeper into Walmart’s tap-to-pay method.

What Is Walmart Tap To Pay? How Does It Work?

Walmart Tap to Pay is the mobile payment platform provided for customers. Customers at Walmart may now make in-store purchases simply by tapping their phones on a unique terminal.

Shoppers can either use the Walmart app or the Walmart Pay service to add their credit cards and debit cards to their accounts. They then tap their phone on an NFC-enabled terminal, enter their PIN or sign their name and the transaction will be completed in a moment.

What Advantages Does Walmart Tap To Pay Offer?

Utilizing Walmart Tap to Pay has several advantages, such as:

Convenience – You no longer have to stand in line and wait for others to pay for their items before you get your turn. With the speed of this new payment method, you can quickly check out and be on your way to your next workplace without missing a beat.

Speed – Utilising Walmart Tap to Pay allows you to check out more quickly than ever before because you won’t need to take out your wallet or credit card. All you need is a mobile device and a good internet connection, which means no more waiting in line!

Security – If you were previously worried about other people finding out your personal information during checkout, don’t be! Walmart utilizes a safe mobile program called Mobile Express Checkout that only shows the information required at checkout, keeping it hidden from anybody around.

Contactless Payments With Walmart Pay

Using the Walmart Pay app is another practical method of paying for items at Walmart besides tap-to-pay. It functions the same enabling a hassle-free checkout experience, allowing you to quickly complete transactions without pulling out your card or wallet. You can link it to your account and do it all via your mobile device while shopping at Walmart.

It’s also unified with Android and IOS devices, making it even more convenient.

I personally use this all the time when I’m in the store. To complete the transaction, simply open the Walmart app, choose Walmart Pay, and scan the QR code on the payment terminal. The app will then connect to your preferred payment method, be it a debit card, credit card, or gift card, completing the transaction in just a few seconds.

And don’t worry; you can still get the receipt from the terminal to show to the Walmart associate as you exit the store.

QR Code Payments

Despite having contactless payment terminals, Walmart prioritizes its own Walmart Pay system and does not currently provide Apple Pay or other comparable tap-to-pay services. Instead, Walmart prefers the use of QR code-based payments through its Walmart Pay system in such cases.

The main reason behind this method is to promote the use of Walmart Pay, which provides shoppers with a smooth and secure payment experience that is exclusive to the Walmart ecosystem. This streamlines checkout processes and enables the shoppers to access additional features and benefits such as saving receipts and special offers on the app.

How Does Walmart Tap To Pay’s Mobile Payment Options Compare?

Walmart Tap to Pay is a mobile payment app that lets you pay for your purchases with your phone. The service was launched in 2018 and is available at all Walmart locations that accept e-receipts.

The service itself is easy to use: You have to download the app, create an account, add a payment card, and then use it whenever you shop at the Walmart store. You can also scan items you want to shop with your phone’s camera and then enter the price manually.

You can have a seamless shopping experience with Walmart Tap to Pay since it works on any compatible smartphone, unlike other mobile payment programs like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay which need specialized hardware.

The service doesn’t have any fees — but there are some restrictions you should know about before using it.

How Much Does Using Walmart Tap To Pay Cost?

With the help of the mobile payment software Walmart Tap to Pay, you may quickly and easily pay for your purchases at Walmart from your phone. It’s a free service, can be availed by all Walmart customers, and can be used any time whether it’s day or night. All you need is to download the app, add your credit or debit card information and you’re ready to shop conveniently!

Like other mobile wallets, Walmart Tap to Pay operates as follows: Simply launch the app and hold your phone up to the product’s scanner after choosing your payment option. You will then be prompted onscreen to place your finger on your device’s fingerprint scanner or enter a PIN number if needed (depending on which type of device you are using). The payment will be made immediately and you’ll receive an email receipt straight away to show to the Walmart customer if they ask for it.

Comparing To Other Retailers

The availability of tap-to-pay options at some of the largest US stores, such as Target, Kroger, Albertsons, and Sam’s Club, will be compared in this section. Considering shopping at all these stores, it helps to see how each type shapes up depending on your desired shopping experience.


You can enjoy the convenience of tap-to-pay options at Target. They accept contactless payment approaches like NFC-enabled payment cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. I happen to appreciate that a lot considering Walmart won’t allow you to use either of those two methods at some of its stores.

Compared to shopping at Walmart, where contactless payments are less common and you must use the Walmart App separately to pay for your purchase, this makes the checkout process more streamlined.


Kroger basically counts on the proprietary QR code-based app for in-store mobile payments instead of NFC technology. While this still provides a contactless option, it requires customers to download the app, which may not be as handy as simply tapping your payment card or phone.

You might be just using Walmart Pay if you want more than grocery items.


Albertsons is another retailer that has incorporated the convenience of contactless payments while shopping in stores.

You can use your payment card or mobile wallet with NFC technology to quickly and securely pay for your in-store purchases. This enhances your shopping experience by reducing wait times at the long lines and providing a more hygienic payment method.

Sam’s Club:

Just like its parent company, Walmart, Sam’s Club also does not widely provides tap-to-pay options. Since they own them, Walmart Pay is also available at Sam’s Club, so it should be pretty unified.

While this allows you to link your credit, debit, and gift cards to your mobile device for payment, it provides great flexibility than contactless payment methods available at other retailers.

Finals Thoughts: Does Walmart Have Tap To Pay:

As a result, unless you have the Walmart App, Walmart doesn’t offer any NFC or tap-to-pay options. Although using the app is a huge deal to you, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Because you can link payments, it all ends up working out just fine and quickly.

If contactless is what you’re going for, it’ll still work, but only on these terms and conditions.

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