What Does ‘Not Yet Shipped’ Mean On Amazon?

When you place an order on Amazon and see the text “not yet shipped” next to it, it simply means that your order has not been dispatched for delivery yet.

This status indicates that the process of preparing and shipping your order is still underway. However, it’s important to keep reading to understand the implications and how it affects your order. Rest assured, Amazon is diligently working to ensure your package is soon on its way to you. The period between placing the order and the package’s delivery can sometimes be challenging.

You find yourself constantly checking the tracker to see if the order has been shipped and where it has reached. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you solve the problem of what does “not yet shipped” mean on Amazon.

What Does ‘Not Yet Shipped’ Mean On Amazon?

When you come across the text ‘not yet shipped’ on Amazon, it indicates that the seller has not yet dispatched your order. Unlike items labeled as ‘in stock,’ which are readily available for shipping. ‘Not yet shipped’ means that the seller still needs to send the item to Amazon’s fulfillment center before it can be delivered to you.

Rest assured that this status does not indicate any delays or issues with your order. It simply means that the process of preparing and shipping your item is still in progress. You can look forward to receiving your order soon, as the seller ensures it is ready to be shipped to you from the fulfillment center.

Why Is My Order Not Yet Shipped?

If your order is labeled as ‘not yet shipped,’ there could be various reasons behind it. One common reason is that the seller is waiting for additional items to arrive before shipping your order. This is particularly common for items that are not regularly stocked or those in high demand, such as seasonal items. Rest assured that the seller is diligently preparing your order and it will be shipped to you as soon as all the necessary items are available.

Another reason is that the seller is waiting for the payment to clear, especially if you paid using a check or money order. This process may take a few days, but once the payment has been cleared, the seller will promptly ship your order.

Your Order Might be delayed because the seller is currently experiencing a high volume of orders, especially during busy times like holidays.

Why Does My Amazon Package Say ‘Delayed – Not Yet Shipped’?

If you find that your Amazon package status displays “Delayed – Not Yet Shipped,” there are several reasons for this occurrence. The seller may have informed Amazon about the delay, which could be due to various factors. Such as waiting for additional items to arrive or being behind on fulfilling orders.

However, there is no need to worry as this situation can be resolved by taking proactive steps. Contact the seller directly to obtain accurate information about when your order will be shipped. By reaching out to the seller, you can gain clarity and ensure that your package is on its way.

What Causes Amazon Order Not Shipped Yet Issue?

  • Sometimes, an Amazon order may not be marked as shipped on the tracker, even though it has already been delivered. This issue can occur due to various factors such as system errors, human error, or technical glitches. However, it is important to note that such occurrences are rare, given Amazon’s reliable delivery system that successfully handles the delivery of numerous packages.
  • One possible reason is that the product you ordered is currently out of stock, despite Amazon accepting the order. This could be due to incorrect information provided by the seller, leading to confusion regarding the availability of the item in their inventory.
  • One of the causes for an Amazon order not being shipped yet could be the location of the ordered product. If the product is located in a far remote location that transportation or delivery companies usually avoid, it may result in a delay and the “not shipped yet” tag on the tracker.
  • Sometimes, personal or internal issues within the company or with their affiliates can disrupt the delivery process. This may include issues like price negotiations or workers’ strikes at the warehouse. It’s important to understand that these circumstances can temporarily delay the shipment of an Amazon order.

How to Solve Amazon Order Delayed Not Yet Shipped Problem

If you are facing an Amazon order delayed and not yet shipped problem, there are several solutions available to assist you in resolving this issue. These solutions are designed to provide the necessary assistance for your Amazon order problem, ensuring a positive resolution.

Step 1: Track Your order

track your amazon order

The first step to solving an Amazon order delayed and not yet shipped problem is to track your order. Amazon provides a comprehensive tracker option that gives detailed information about the different stages of delivery. By signing in to your Amazon account, accessing the “Returns & Orders” section, and selecting your order, you can easily track the package and stay updated on its status.

Step 2: For Contacting Customer Service on Amazon

If the order status remains unchanged, contact Amazon’s customer care and describe the issue you are facing. They will take appropriate action to expedite the order or provide a refund.

  • Visit the Amazon Customer Support page, where you can choose to start chatting or request a call. Select “My orders and Bookings” when for the purpose of your call.
  • Provide the necessary details about your order and choose the appropriate issue category.
  • Finally, select your preferred language for communication and click on the “Phone” option to connect with customer support.
for contacting amazon customer care

Step 3: Message the product seller

If you certainly face the issue of your product or you still need your product it is advisable to contact the seller directly.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Returns & Orders section
  • Select the specific order that has not yet shipped
  • Click on “sold by,” and proceed to ask a question regarding the issue.
contact product seller

By reaching out to the seller, you can effectively address the problem and seek a resolution for your delayed order.

Step 4: Order Cancellation

Contacting them will help resolve the problem and ensure that your order is delivered within a few days. In case you still see the “not yet shipped” message on the order tracker despite their response, you can choose to cancel the order.

Simply go to the Amazon Returns & Orders menu, select the specific order you wish to cancel, and click on either “Request Cancellation” or “Cancel items.”

amazon cancel order

Once you initiate the cancellation process, a refund will be initiated for you.

How to Avoid Not Yet Shipped Amazon Order in the Future?

When ordering from Amazon, it is crucial to keep in mind the significance of the status “Not Yet Shipped.” To avoid this situation in the future and ensure timely delivery, there are a few key steps you can take.

Step 1: By Checking Amazon Fulfillment Tag

When placing an order on Amazon’s website, ensure that the product is fulfilled by Amazon, as this increases the chances of processing. Check the product’s details and reviews to avoid any potential defects. Once the order is placed, track its progress on the website to stay informed.

Amazon provides free delivery for orders exceeding a certain amount, making it cost-effective. In case of any issues, their customer services are readily available to handle replacements, returns, and defects. By adhering to these guidelines, you can navigate the Amazon fulfillment process and minimize delays associated with “Not Yet Shipped” orders.

Step 2: A-to-Z Guarantee Protection Ensures

When purchasing a product, opt for those fulfilled by Amazon to increase order protection and benefit from the A-to-Z Guarantee protection. This protection allows you to make a claim and receive a refund if the product doesn’t meet your expectations in terms of condition or delivery.

In case of any issues, such as delayed delivery or showing “delivered” without receiving the item. You can rely on the tracker and contact Amazon’s customer support team for assistance. If you need to return a product, ensure you qualify for a full refund. By following the guidelines outlined in the information available on Amazon’s help page.

Step3: Seller’s Rating Check

Before placing an order, take the following expert steps to ensure a secure shopping experience. First, thoroughly assess the seller’s authenticity by examining their history, ratings, and reviews.

  • Navigate to the Amazon homepage and open the product page you intend to purchase.
  • Look for the seller’s name mentioned next to “Sold by” in the info column.
  • Click on the seller’s name to access their Feedback page.

Here, you can read reviews and evaluate their rating over the past 30 days and throughout their selling history.

Step 4: Utilize the Pay-on-Delivery Feature

It is advisable to choose the Pay on Delivery option while placing your order. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your money will not be stuck in the process. In case of any delays in shipment or for any other reasons, you can avoid potential concerns and ensure that you receive your package without any hassle.

What Happens If Amazon Doesn’t Ship In 2 Days?

As an Amazon Prime member, you can expect your orders to be shipped within a two-day timeframe.

However, in the rare event that Amazon fails to ship your order within the promised two-day period. There are measures in place to ensure your satisfaction. If this happens, you may be eligible for a refund of the shipping charges incurred. To initiate the refund process, simply reach out to Amazon’s dedicated customer service team. They will assist you and ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Amazon values its Prime members and strives to uphold its commitment to timely shipping.

Does Amazon Wait To Charge Until Shipped?

When you make a purchase on Amazon, the company does not wait until your order is shipped to charge your credit card. Instead, the charge is applied immediately when you place the order. You may notice that the charge appears as ‘pending’ on your credit card statement until the seller ships your order.

Once the shipment is confirmed, the charge is then processed and appears as ‘completed’ on your statement.

What Happens If I Cancel An Order That Has Not Yet Shipped?

If you decide to cancel an order that has not yet been shipped, you can rest assured that you will not be charged for the order.

However, it’s important to note that if the seller has already shipped your order, you may still incur charges for shipping. To avoid any potential shipping charges, it is recommended to cancel your order before the seller proceeds with the shipment.

Should I Contact Amazon About My Order Not Yet Being Shipped?

If you have an order that is marked as “Not Yet Shipped” on Amazon, it is advisable to contact Amazon’s customer service for assistance.

Instead of simply waiting patiently, reaching out to Amazon can help you find out the reason behind the delay and seek a resolution. According to Amazon’s guidelines, 36 hours have passed without any status change on your order. It is recommended to contact their customer service through the Help page on their website.

Once logged into your account, you will be directed to the Contact Us page, where you can access a list of your recent orders. Click on the specific order in question to access the contact page. Where you can send an email explaining the problem you are facing.

What Happens If an Amazon Seller Doesn’t Ship?

When an Amazon seller is unable to ship an item, they will issue a refund to ensure customer satisfaction. In the rare event that an item is no longer in stock, sellers take responsibility and process a refund to compensate for the inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions of What Does ‘Not Yet Shipped’ Mean On Amazon?

What does not yet shipped mean?

“Not yet shipped” means that the order you have placed on Amazon has not undergone the necessary processing steps, such as packaging, scanning, transporting, and pick-up from the seller or warehouse. In other words, the order has not been prepared for shipment yet by Amazon.

Is not yet shipped the same as preparing for shipment?

“Not yet shipped” and “preparing for shipment” are not the same. “Not yet shipped” indicates that Amazon has not started the process of preparing, packaging, or labeling your order. On the other hand, “preparing for shipment” means that your order is currently being processed for packaging, and labeling, and waiting to be sent on the next available shipment.

Why is my Amazon order delayed and not shipped?

There are several common causes for Amazon order delays and not being shipped. One of the main reasons is the significant increase in the volume of orders received during peak seasons. Such as holidays, Amazon Prime Day, or worldwide crises.

How long does it take for an Amazon package to be shipped?

The shipping time for an Amazon package varies depending on whether you have Amazon Prime or not. Generally, Amazon orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 days. However, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be shipped. Non-Prime orders are not given priority over Prime orders, which can result in a slightly longer processing and shipping time.


When it comes to What Does ‘Not Yet Shipped’ Mean on Amazon? Can indicate various situations.

This status is commonly seen when there is a delay in processing the order for some reason. However, if this status persists beyond 36 hours without any change, it is advisable to reach out to Amazon’s customer service for assistance. They are equipped to provide the necessary support and guidance to help resolve any concerns you may have.

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